Governance Token

Version 1.0

There are two tokens planned for World of Midgard 3D NFT MMORPG.

The governance token and the utility token.

This post is about the governance token only.

In this post, I will call the governance token $WOMGOV, but in the future the name for the token is going to be different.

Seed Sale

Our seed sales will be used to support growth by inviting investors and advisors, who bring in the knowledge, the network, and contribute to aggressive game community growth.

Since early investors are taking the higher risk, they will get rewarded with the lowest token price and offered $WOMGOV token at $0.001.

Total dollar amount of pre-seed is $500k.

Private Sale

Private sale funds will be used to further accelerate growth with investors not only bringing in capital but other benefits a well.

Private sale is planned to be offered at $0.003 per $WOMGOV token.

Total dollar amount of the private sale round is $4.5m.

DAO Governance

WOMGOV token will allow World Of Midgard to become fully decentralized through voting in WoM Council.

It will allow transparent governance by the community.

WoM governance is modeled after Synthetix, which in turn is modeled after Ethereum EIPs.

Detailed information on how DOA Governance will work in World Of Midgard will be provided in a separate post.

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