Hasan - CEO/COO, seasoned executive. He has worked together with Andrew on various projects since 2014. He is managing, hiring, and organizing everything. Masters in Computer Science and MBA(IT).

Andrew - The original game creator and the prior owner of Veraxon Entertainment game studio. CTO leading game development team. One of his prior startups exited to a public company listed on the stock exchange. Masters in Computer Science and MBA(marketing).

Alex - Unity 3D game client developer, 2D & 3D animator. C# developer. He has worked with Andrew continuously since 2014 on various projects. He also created the Word Of Midgard trailer.

Daian - 2D game developer and animator. Creator of many single player 2D games. Part of the original Veraxon Entertainment game studio team. He has worked with Andrew from 2009 to 2012 in the game studio, and then from 2014 on a few 2D animation video creation software (most known of those animation video creation software with tens of thousands of paying customers is Explaindio Video Creator). Recently created single player NFT game Wheel Of War RPG

Raman - Mostly backend and blockchain developer, but also works on react for blockchain connections. Previously developed SaaS app (NFT generation, and contract deployment on Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Avax, Harmony from dashboard - so far there is no other app like that on the market). He created the web app and web backends for the World Of Midgard website including access to NFT parts for Polygon, BSC, Ethereum. He has also created minting code for website and NFT contract for that collection. He has worked with Andrew on various projects since 2018.

Devang (called Chiku) - 2D artist who has worked with Andrew’s teams on and off since 2014. As a part of the team he created thousands of art images including 3 recents NFT collections and collectible game cartridge art. 2D art, 3D models textures, 2D interface and web graphics, marketing graphics like logos etc. He has also already created the NFT art collection for World of Midgard Genesis character Orc male (there will be other Race/gender genesic characters).

JM - A permanent, but part time team member, a college professor. She is teaching advanced mythology and creativity classes at the university in the US. She is working on the game’s Lore, and in general on any other non-marketing content. She edits texts’ language before they go public. She has been working with Andrew since 2009, and was involved in the creation of the original lore for World Of Midgard.

Additionally there are contractors working on various tasks like website designers, graphics designers, 3D model creators, 3D animators, tutorial video creators etc. They are task based, and not a permanent part of the team. Some of them could become a permanent part of the team after funding.

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