Because World Of Midgard is already a finished server-based game, it is in a great position to support any blockchain and NFT marketplace.

While working on the game it became clear that it would be immensely beneficial and groundbreaking for the players to be able to tap into the biggest crypto games ecosystem of all popular blockchains at the same time and inside the same game.

Because World Of Midgard already includes delayed writing to a database function, a blockchain layer library just needs a tap to that function.

BTW, delayed writing to a database means that only so often the player status is written to the database from the server memory.

It means that with the exception of trades and transfers between players which must be always done immediately on the public blockchain, all the rest can be on delayed writing.

In this way, it can be written to both blockchain in the loop and to the database, which makes blockchain version development much easier.

To make World Of Midgard truly multi-chain, it is currently planned for the game engine to use underlining scalable blockchain with bridges to most popular public blockchains.

While the final decision was not done yet, currently the candidates for main underlying blockchain are custom shared-security Polygon Supernet, Solana, or custom fast finality blockchain in Cosmos ecosystem.

With the bridges, it would allow players to withdraw or deposit their tokens & NFTs to/from any supported blockchain and give the game access to the biggest and most vibrant crypto players base in existence.

Imagine being able to play and group for dungeons and raid together with players who are native to BSC, Polygon, Solana etc

I believe World Of Midgard is the very first NFT/crypto game ever with such a tech solution.

By pioneering the destruction of barriers between players based on different blockchains, World Of Midgard will enable a huge leap toward mass crypto gaming adoption and ecosystem growth.

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