Land NFTs

Land NFTs.

World Of Midgard 3D NFT MMORPG is a game & metaverse with the game client built in Unity 3D engine, game server, and underpinned by blockchain technologies.

Within World Of Midgard, users can maintain provable ownership of their game LAND, which is represented as NFT (Non-Fungible ERC-721 token) on Ethereum blockchain.

It is worth mentioning that while the LAND NFTs are Ethereum ERC-721 token the World Of Midgard game is a multi-blockchain game on Polygon, BSC, and Solana blockchains.

For landowners World Of Midgard becomes the platform their can build on.

Lands owners can use their property to:

- build game and/or metaverse content,

- stake governance tokens to get yield of utility tokens.

- automatically collect tax from token loot the players get through using their game consent,

- get access to limited time events for the landowners,

- get early access to the alpha and beta gameplay.

- Whitelist for Governance Token. Maximum amount of governance token allocation depends on land size.

Land NFTs owners start from undeveloped land with a set of tools which allows to build on their ground, plus they also have game master powers on their property to develop game content.

People can either just develop the land into typical metaverse or they can go a step further and turn it into a part of the World Of Midgard game.

Land NFTs owner can spawn many kinds of objects (including buildings) and most kinds of regular game NPCs.

NPC spawned can include “utility” NPCs and quest related NPCs.

“Utility” NPCs provide access to services like banking, auction house, or they are trainers, craft masters, merchants etc.

Quest related NPCs are quest givers and enemies/mobs to defeat.

If a landowner decides to make the game content for players on his/her property, they can collect tax from all tokens loot drop on their land from all enemies/mobs killed on their property.

When players reach the max level (right now it is level 60) they can make several daily quests which both allows them to get token loot, and, with tribal related quests, build reputation with tribes to get tribal gear and crafting recipes.

Majority of end game open world content is expected to be provided by landowners.

For their game content creating effort landowners are rewarded the ability collects tax % from all tokens looted from mobs killed on their land.

The base tax is 3%.

It can be upgraded by upgrading the tax collector office and the tax collector team to max 10% tax rate.

To upgrade land tax yield to the next level, players must first upgrade the tax collector office by paying one-time construction fee in game utility token and then need to hire a bigger collectors team by staking game governance token in the office.

Upgrades to a tax collection office are permanently added to land NFTs, but the team size depends on a current staking of proper amount of governance tokens.

The higher tax upgrade, the more costly one-time upgrade, and more governance must be kept staked for the tax collectors to do their job and collect higher tax.

Land NFTs can be upgraded max 7 times which allows to boost tax on the lands from 3% to 10% of utility token drops.

Tax does not increase the amount of utility tokens in the game.

The tax is paid by the player getting the loot.

By the very nature the amount of Land NFTs is very limited and rare resource.

It is worth mentioning that the majority of currently existing metaverses are very empty for the most part.

They are empty because there is basically not reason to be there.

Walking around without much to do is not fun or an interesting way to spend time in metaverse.

On the other hand, MMORPGs are fun, and they are the also a form of an original active metaverse that existed even before it became a term.

If you have ever participated in the trade chat inside of any top MMORPGs, you already know that.

Players have a lot of things to do in a MMORPG so they keep coming back.

People are talking inside the MMORPGs about real life issues like the economy, politics, and other things.

Sometimes these non-game related posts are bigger in volume than actual game-related posts.

So, metaverse has already existed inside of MMORPGs.

It has already been existing for a long time, it was just not called that.

It exists for those who are returning to save towns and cities after intense and combat adventuring in the open world, fighting on battlegrounds/arenas, defeating bosses in the dungeon, or raiding for hours on end.

After dopamine levels drop, people like to talk about anything, and can be easily joined by non-players just visiting metaverse to have community to talk to.

I remember one 4th of July, when tons of people/characters were standing in the game city just watching fireworks and talking about it, and it was awesome.

If this is not a metaverse, I do not know what is.

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