Character NFTs

This post explains all the benefits of owning a World Of Midgard (WoM) Genesis character from the coming initial NFT sale.

Apprentices Training — Creation Of Sellable Characters

The main benefit of owning WoM Genesis characters is that you will be the first to both access the game and train apprentices to become characters, which can be sold to other players.

This is similar to Axie or Zed Run, where only those with the original NFTs were able to breed first and obtain the first mover advantage.

Of course, in World Of Midgard breeding is replaced by training apprentices, but the game mechanics behind it works similarly to Axie or Zed Run, regarding the creation of characters other players need to play the game.

That first mover advantage can last for a significant amount of time, until the game reaches the planned minimum of 1:5 Genesis/regular character ratio, which will open apprentice training but only for max level characters with superior gear score.

Since it makes sense that only the most experienced characters can train apprentices, any non-Genesis WoM character will need to reach the max level in the game and obtain superior gear to reach the minimum gear score for the apprentices training requirement.

The planned total number of Genesis characters to ever exist is 4,000 Genesis characters for each of 6 races.

Every account will be allowed to play 10 characters per server, so the supply of Genesis WoM characters is limited to 2,400 full accounts on just 1 of the servers.

It means that Genesis WoM characters are expected to be very rare after the game’s wide distribution.

It can translate to high demand for the Genesis characters (not finance advice).

It also means that until the total number of apprentices trained to be characters reaches 120,000 only the Genesis WoM character’s holders will be able to create new characters.

In addition, even after that it will be far from fast or easy for regular characters to acquire the ability to train new apprentices to become characters.

Because bringing a regular character to the max level, looting all the high end gear from the top end game dungeon, and raid bosses takes a long time and is hard, it gives even a greater advantage to Genesis WoM characters’ owner because these characters do not need to meet the max level or top gear score requirement.

Early Access To The Game

Having early access to the game will make it easier for Genesis WoM characters to meet the Proof-Of-Play requirement, which will be needed to be whitelisted for purchase of both Mythic Land Deeds and Mythic Merchant Charters.

Note: Land Deeds and Merchant Charters exact game mechanics are still in development and will be announced at a later date.

Anyone else that wants access to the game and does not own WoM Genesis characters will need to buy them on the secondary marketplace (like OpenSean, Immutable X marketplace) or wait to buy a regular character after that functionality is enabled in the game.

Due to the release schedule the ability to train apprentices is planned to be released a few months after the main game release (tentative).

Guild Creation Ability

As with any MMORPG, the guild role is very important to speed up leveling progress, finding teams for dungeons, and of course most important for grouping for end game raids.

On PvP servers it also means protection from the opposite faction and access to dungeons which can be blocked by enemy combatants camping at the entrance.

In WoM, only Genesis characters’ owners will be able to create guilds and set their own rules.

As guild masters will be able to either ask guild members for minimum monthly deposit to the guild or make guild membership free.

Guilds also have access to guild vaults, which can be used to incentivise best players to stay in guilds, and acquire best players from other guilds.

Acquiring the best players for dungeons, raids, and arena teams is like recruiting or acquiring talents for a baseball team.

For example, it may help to recruit Tanks or Healers, who are usually in short supply for dungeons and raids in MMORPG games.

World Of Midgard guild has organization roles similar to Discord roles, with a set of permissions available for each role.

Guild master is able to assign certain guild Vault permission to specific roles and assign roles to players.

For example, there can be a role which allows players to repair gear at blacksmith’s on guild coin.

Plate armor repairs can get really expensive so it may be beneficial to allow free repairs for guild tanks.

Another role example is to allow top guild members to withdraw potions or raw materials for their needs.

Guild vaults have tabs called drawers and each of the drawers can have different access permission for roles.

There are endless use cases for vault and vault drawers, and you will be the one who set the rules as guild master as long as you own World Of Midgard Genesis character.

Whilelist for Genesis Lava Dragon Epic Mount (Epic mounts are faster than regular mount)

There will be a limited edition Genesis Lava Dragon Epic Mount. (see Dragon Mount concept art on the top of this post)

The maximum number of Genesis Lava Dragon Epic Mounts available will be equal to the number of Genesis WoM characters.

All WoM Genesis character’s owners will be whitelisted to purchase the same number of Genesis Lava Dragon Epic Mounts as they have of the characters.

Epic mounts are faster than regular mounts.

Regular mounts are 60% faster than a walking character, Epic mounts are 100% faster than a walking character

Whitelist for Genesis World Of Midgard tabard

Tabard is worn on top of the chest armor.

Genesis Tabard will not only have a totally unique design to show it as Genesis tabard, but only Genesis tabards will allow you to bring your out-of-game NFT into the game and display it on your chest in the game.

For example, Genesis Tabard will allow you to wear your Punk, Bored Ape or any other NFT on your chest inside the game on top of any armor your character may wear.

You will be able to trade Genesis Tabards on secondary NFT marketplaces.

Whitelist for World Of Midgard Lore mint pass.

World Of Midgard Lore mint pass will allow you to mint Lore books as they are released.

The Lore Book 1 is already written.

Total number of WoM Lore mint passes is capped to the same number as the number of World Of Midgard Genesis Characters.

Both WoM Lore Mint Passed and Lore Book NFTs could be traded on secondary NFT marketplaces.

Whitelist for Governance Token

This is self explanatory.

Other Benefits

The team is discussing other benefits but they will not be announced until the decisions have been made.


This is NOT financial advice. Please do your own research before you make any investment decisions.

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