Staked PvP Battlegrounds & Rated PvP Arenas

World Of Midgard 3D NFT MMORPG allows the player to choose how they want to play the game.

For some players, open word PvE. group dungeons & raids deliver enough excitement, but some want to have those massive adrenaline busts that come from PvP combat.

For those players, as for the potential twitch streamers, World Of Migdard delivers advanced Player vs Player for both individuals and groups.

There are 4 main ways to PvP in World Of Midgard:

1) 1 vs 1 Duel. This is a permission-based system where players from the same faction can PvP. Duel ends when the health of a losing player drops very low.

2) Open world PvP. There is no limit on number of players, which mean it includes any number of participants, from 1 vs 1 to a large group.

3) Staked and Non-Staked 10 vs 10 Capture-The-Flag Battlegrounds

- Non-Staked PvP Battlegrounds are just for fun & training for Staked Battlegrounds.

- Staked PvP Battlegrounds are designed for the participant to fight for tokens staked by both battling sides. The winner takes 98% of all stakes with 2% service fee paid to EarnDeck Games. Staked battlegrounds are great for live streaming on twitch & youtube.

4) Rated and Non-Rated Arenas with Arena Seasons.

There are 3 categories of arenas: 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, and 5 vs 5.

- Non-Rated Arenas are just for fun & for training for Rated-Arenas.

- Rated-Arenas support staking. Stakes can be won both from the individual matches from winning the season. Three top rated teams would take 95% of season stakes, with the remaining 5% for places 4 to 10. 90% of individual match stakes goes to the match winner, 8% to season stake pool, and 2% is paid to EarnDeck as a service fee.

The Rated-Arena season lasts from 20 to 30 weeks.

Teems will need to complete at least in 10 games to qualify for points in a given week, with individual players needing to have participated in at least 30% of matches played that week in order to earn points.

It is like a regular sport season, where the spectators watch and cheer the favorite teams.

Rated-Arenas are perfect for eSport twitch/youtube streaming.

With very high tokens stakes accumulation for top 3 teams during a season it could attract professional teams and big twitch streamers.

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