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3D MMORPGs have been the original metaverses even before it became a term.

If you have ever participated in the trade or a guild chat inside of any 3D MMORPG game, you already know that the metaverse is not years away but it is already here.

People are talking inside the MMORPG games about real life issues like the economy, real world politics, and many others.

Sometimes these non-game related posts are bigger in volume than the actual game-related posts.

So, metaverse has already existed inside of 3D MMORPG games, it was just not called that.

Among other things, it was called cyberspace.

It has existed for those who in games keep returning to save towns and cities after incense combat adventuring in the open world, fighting on battlegrounds/arenas, defeating bosses in the dungeon, or raiding for hours on end.

And after dopamine levels drop, people like to talk about anything.

I personally remember one 4th of July, when tons of people/characters were standing in the game city just watching fireworks and talking about it, and it was awesome.

If this is not a metaverse, I do not know what is.

Players loved to socialize in the World Of Midgard Classic on many levels and they will in World Of Midgard Reborn NFT game as well.

Being it trade chat for snarky talk, zone chat for teaming, close proximity chat for anything, focused chat of the dungeon group, strategic chat of the raid group, or cozy guild chat.

The guild is the player’s cozy home in the World Of Midgard MMORPG.

Guilds in World Of Midgard are both homey and needed places for the players.

Often, the players form a bond with their guild mates almost on the similar level as real life friends.

Great example of fabulatized translation of the mental state and closeness of guildmates is the YouTube series “The Guild” which started in 2007 and ran for 5 seasons.

“The Guild” series became an instant hit thanks to how well it relates to emotions and bonds people felt as part of the MMORPG metaverse and being part of the guilds in the game they played.

The first episode of “The Guild” had almost 7 million views and the “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar” music video with satiric lyrics about in-game dating had 29 million views.

The popularity of both the series and the music video clearly shows the audience’s deep connection to the MMORPG metaverse they participated in.

You can watch the entire “The Guild” series on youtube here:

The bottom line is there is currently no stronger emotional connection in any metaverse than the one present in 3D MMORPG games, and World Of Midgard advanced chat channels system takes full advantage of that.

World Of Midgard has a full blown channel system for chatting, unlike any NFT/crypto game we have seen.

There is trade chat active in the main game cities, separate chat for each open world zone, proximity chat, guild chat, dungeon team chat, raid group chat, and on top of that the players can create their own chat channel and invite friends to them.

Players can also create channels locked by access password.

Main chats have separate font colors helping players to quickly recognize which chat message belongs to which channel the player is subscribed to.

For example the proximity, world zone & trade chats are white, the dungeon team chat is blue, the guild chat is green, the raid chat is dark orange, and the text of somebody shouting in the chat is shown in red.

To reduce clatter or get access to more chats as needed, the players can leave any channel they have access to at any time.

World Of Midgard Rebord NFT 3D MMORPG also plans to add a voice chat system for all described above text channels through Discord app integration.

Guilds are a central piece of game metaverse helping players to not only form emotional bonds with other guild members but also keep them playing their game much longer.

World of Mindard has full support for organized Guilds.

As with any MMORPG, the guild role is crucial in speeding up leveling progress, finding teams for dungeons, and of course is critical in grouping for end game raids.

On PvP servers it also means protection from the opposite faction and access to dungeons which can be blocked by enemy combatants camping at the entrance.

Guilds also make metaverse more desirable to stay in due friendships that form in them.

In WoM, players will be able to create their own guilds and set their own rules.

Guilds have access to guild vaults, which can be used to incentivise best players to stay in guilds, as well as to acquire best players from other guilds.

Acquiring the best players for dungeons, raids, and arena teams is like recruiting or acquiring talents for a baseball team.

For example, it may help to recruit Tanks or Healers, who are usually in short supply for dungeons and raids in MMORPG games.

World Of Midgard guilds have organization roles similar to Discord roles, with a set of permissions available for each role.

A guild master is able to assign certain guild Vault permission to specific roles and assign roles to players.

For example, there can be a role, which allows players to repair gear at blacksmith’s on the guild coin.

Plate armor repairs can get really expensive, so it may be beneficial to allow free repairs for guild tanks which is another way to encourage more players to choose the tank role.

Another role example is to allow top guild members to withdraw potions or raw materials for their needs.

Guild vaults have tabs called drawers and each of the drawers can have different access permission for roles.

There are endless use cases for vault and vault drawers, and the guild master will be the one who set the rules as guild master.

While the guilds help players bond with each other, the entire game world also allows and encourages the players not only to explore and play, but socialize as well.

World Of Midgard cities pulse with life, people going around their business like visiting bankers, merchants, auction houses, trainers, or just goofing off, or flexing high end gear for everybody to see.

This is the true social metaverse in the best form.

When people are done socializing, there is still deeply engaging and endorphin pumping intense gaming in the open world, with its dungeons and raids.

Unlike most current 3D metaverses, which feel empty and mostly devoid of life, in World Of Midgard 3D NFT MMORPG both the gameplay itself and the community building tools available right inside the game, create a self-sustaining and ever growing metaverse which brings numerous benefits to everyone involved.

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