World Of Midgard 3D NFT MMORPG & Metaverse

World Of Midgard 3D MMORPG is a blockchain and NFT game, where people can own the game’s assets and earn while having immense fun.

Despite early success of projects like Axie Infinity, there is still a long way to go before AAA games enter the NFT/blockchain space.

As I am typing this, most play-to-earn games are very basic web games, and many people treat playing them almost as if it is a chore.

It seems that for some of those games the 90% of gameplay is actually happening on discord instead of inside the game itself.

On top of that, most NFT games focus on collectible aspects.

There is nothing wrong with games focusing on collectibles as the main game goal, but that leaves players who prefer dopamine boosting and total immersion active gameplay nowhere.

World Of Midgard 3D NFT MMORPG will change that.

Why not have both — earn crypto tokens and craft and loot NFTs AND play an immersive entertaining game you would want to play even without earning anything?

Here is what World Of Midgard provides with in depth game play:

  • Full 3D Huge Game World

  • Hundreds of quests including one time and daily quests

  • 6 Races: Orc, Dwarf, Human, Elf, Dark Elf, and BloodDrak

  • 7 Classes: Confessor, Fighter, Mage, Rogue, Templar, Necromancer with combat pets, and Ranger with combat pets

  • All classes with in depth traits trees to customize your characters as you please

  • 5000+ in game items including hundreds of gear and weapons items

  • 2 warring Factions: Alliance and Fury

  • Separate PvE and PvP servers

  • Guilds / Clans

  • Big selection of Mounts and Pets

  • 64 solo & 5-man dungeons

  • PvP Area

  • 10x10 PvP capture the flag battleground

  • 10, 25 and 40 man raids

  • Fully functional built-in Action House for items. In the Auction house marketplace you are able to both trade items for a fixed price and set real auctions right inside the game interface.

In addition to many quests, the game also offers an unique 5-man dungeon leveling system waiting for players who want to immerse themselves into Norse mythology, which inspired World Of Midgard.

If you like that style of play, there is a lore book you can read for deeper immersion on top of play-to-earn gameplay.

The gameplay is incredibly balanced with the correct amount of in-game-currency sink, which makes it sustainable as a play-to-earn game for long terms.

Characters along with over 5,000 other game items will be ownable and tradable by the players.

With the planned Land ownership players will also be able to take on the role of a landlord, which allows to tax other players token loot drops on their land.

World Of Midgard NFT version will also allow genesis WoM characters to train apprentices.

This is similar to Axie or Zed Run, where only those with the original NFTs were able to breed first and obtain the first mover advantage.

Of course, in World Of Midgard breeding is replaced by training apprentices, but the game mechanics behind it works similarly to Axie or Zed Run, regarding the creation of characters other players need to play the game.

There will also be utility token players will be able to earn and use for everything in the game, and a separate governance tokens.

Governance token would allow holders to elect a governance council so the game will become fully decentralized before the release of the finished game.

World of Midgard 3D NFT MMORPG is also solving the biggest dungeon/raid grouping problem of top mainstream AAA 3D MMORPG did not manage to fully solve — the general deficit of tanks and healers for grouping.

Top mainstream AAA 3D MMORPGs have tried to solve tank and healer deficits for the entire long history of those games and over their many expansions.

Healers also could get into the group pretty fast as well.

In the first extensions with auto grouping for dungeons, tanks could get almost instantaneous to any dungeon group, with DPS players sometimes waiting in line for an hour or so.

Depending on the player roster at the time of joining auto grouping for DPS players, wait time could be less than that, but nevertheless it was still significant.

World of Midgard 3D NFT MMORPG is solving the tank and healer dungeons groups deficit problem by incentivizing players to play as Tanks and Healers with earnings boost.

Since only play&earn MMORPG can incentivize players to play deficit classes, World of Midgard is solving a problem which could not be solved until now.

World of Mindard also has full support for organized Guilds.

As with any MMORPG, the guild role is very important to speed up leveling progress, finding teams for dungeons, and of course is most important for grouping for end game raids.

On PvP servers it also means protection from the opposite faction and access to dungeons which can be blocked by enemy combatants camping at the entrance.

Guild also makes metaverse more desirable to stay in.

In WoM, players will be able to create guilds and set their own rules.

As a guildmaster the player will be able to either ask guild members for minimum monthly deposit to the guild or make guild membership free.

Guilds also have access to guild vaults, which can be used to incentivize best players to stay in guilds, as well as to acquire best players from other guilds.

Acquiring the best players for dungeons, raids, and arena teams is like recruiting or acquiring talents for a baseball team.

For example, it may help to recruit Tanks or Healers, who are usually in short supply for dungeons and raids in MMORPG games.

World Of Midgard guild has organization roles similar to Discord roles, with a set of permissions available for each role.

A guild master is able to assign certain guild Vault permission to specific roles and assign roles to players.

For example, there can be a role which allows players to repair gear at blacksmith’s on guild coin.

Plate armor repairs can get really expensive so it may be beneficial to allow free repairs for guild tanks which is another way to encourage more players to choose the tank role.

Another role example is to allow top guild members to withdraw potions or raw materials for their needs.

Guild vaults have tabs called drawers and each of the drawers can have different access permission for roles.

There are endless use cases for vault and vault drawers, and the guild master will be the one who set the rules as guild master.

The gameplay itself and the community building tools available right inside the game will create a self-sustaining every growing metaverse bringing benefits to everyone involved.

3D MMORPG games are the original metaverses even before it became a term.

If you have ever participated in the trade chat inside of any top 3D MMORPG game, you already know that the metaverse is not years away, but it is already here.

People are talking inside the MMORPG games about real life issues like the economy, politics and others.

Sometimes these non-game related posts are bigger in volume than actual game-related posts.

So, metaverse already exists inside of 3D MMORPG.

It has been existing for a long time already, it was just not called that.

It exists for those who are returning to save towns and cities after incense combat adventuring in the open world, fighting on battlegrounds/arenas, defeating bosses in the dungeon, or raiding for hours on end.

After dopamine levels drop, people like to talk about anything.

I remember one 4th of July, when tons of people/characters were standing in the game city just watching fireworks and talking about it, and it was awesome.

If this is not a metaverse, I do not know what is.

You are invited.

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