Mount NFTs

World of Midgard is a vast open world with big zones.

Characters can spend hours just walking from one end of the world to the other.

Players can teleport between zones by using Teleport stones purchasable with $WOMGOLD utility token, teaming with mage creating portal, or being summoned by a necromancer.

Except for a necromancer’s summon which requires 2 additional party members to join together for it to work, both teleport stones and mage portals transport players to one or two locations in the destination zone depending on its size.

Because zones themselves are big as well, it can take a significant amount of time to get to the final destination, be it a dungeon/raid entrance, world boss, or a quest location.

World of Midgard Classic (now called Midgard Rising) has many cool looking mounts and sales of mounts were one of the main revenue generating items.

Players paid real money for mounts even though they did not own them like they would in the case of NFTs mounts in World Of Midgard.

You can see 14 models of mounts from Midgard Rising in this video >

World of Midgard Rebord will have even cooler looking ones and players will own them as NFTs.

Riding a mount not only makes the player look super cool but most importantly allows them to travel faster than walking.

There are 2 mount categories in World of Midgard: regular mounts and epic mounts.

Riding a regular mount gives the player 60% boost to their running speed.

Riding an epic mount gives the player 100% boost to their running speed.

Mounts are expected to be the single most desirable non-combat-related item in the entire game.

Minimum number of mounts needed just for the utility of riding is 2 times bigger than the number of characters in the game, because until the character reaches level 40 they can only ride the regular mounts, so every character needs 2 mounts.

World Of Midgard Genesis mount NFTs sale is planned to only sell half of the mounts the characters need for utility, and none of the additional 12 mount planned for game release.

Only half will be offered for sale because Genesis mount is planned to be given away for free to those “diamond hands” people who do not list their NFT characters for sale before the game releases.

There will be many more benefits for “diamond hands” who do not list their characters NFTs for sales before the game goes live but that is a subject to a separate post.

The main benefit of owning WoM Genesis mounts is that owners will be the first to breed the mounts, which can be sold to other players.

This is similar to Axie or Zed Run, where only those with the original NFTs were able to breed first and obtain the first mover advantage.

In World Of Midgard it will require 2 mounts to breed a mount, and because of magic, the resulting mount will be a random breed.

Because we plan to have at least 14 mounts, most of the newly bred mounts at the beginning will be super rare.

That first mover advantage for mounts breeding can last for a significant amount of time, until the game reaches the planned minimum of 1:5 Genesis/regular mounts ratio, which will open breeding to other adult mounts (it will take significant time for the young mount to reach adulthood).

A non-Genesis mount will be only able to give birth to the same breed as one of the parents and there will be a limit of two offspring they can ever create.

Genesis mounts will not be limited by the number of offsprings, but there will be a significant cool down time between every two are produced.

Since only Genesis mounts breeding will continue to create random breeds, those Genesis mounts are expected to be mostly sought after all the time even.

If there are any Genesis mounts unclaimed by “diamond hands” characters NFTs holders, the surplus will be sold shortly before the game is released.

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